Get more flavour with food that favours the freshest ingredients.

A bowl of salad

Celebrating local and seasonal

Our chefs work their magic to ensure that as many locally sourced and seasonal ingredients make it into our menu as possible. We work with artisanal producers and have direct relationships with some of our farmers - like our eggs from Rookery Farm.

Mission: feeding people happy

Deliver the tastiest catered food on the market: that’s the Fooditude mission. Our food offering ensures everyone can tuck into something delicious, whatever their preference or dietary requirements. 

Eating preferences are personal, and we shape menus that allow people to make food decisions that fit their lifestyle, from inclusivity of international cuisines to healthy lifestyle choices. But how do we do this? 


We follow 3 basic rules:


1. Keep it simple. We cook our food from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients – steering clear of processed foods.

2. Enjoy eating. A balanced approach to eating is healthy. As long as what you’re eating is made from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, we say enjoy!

3. Never stop learning. We help our chefs develop their skills, and we’re always looking for new food ideas. Learning ensures we produce authentic food that appeals to a range of tastes.

These three rules align with Fooditude’s central business strategy, right the way through to what you see at our client’s canteen.

Sustainable ingredients often taste better

Here’s a secret: suppliers that take great care in their produce’s sustainability often create exceptional quality ingredients. At Fooditude, our chefs work closely with our Sustainability Manager to ensure that our sourcing strategy makes for good food and a better future. 


We find ways to ensure that we get local, responsibly sourced and/or organic ingredients into our menus, whilst also sticking to budget - and the list is always growing! Here are some examples: 

  • Milk: always organic
  • Eggs: sourced from Rookery Farm in West Sussex, they’re organic and local
  • Fish: all our fish is rated 1-3 in the MSC Good Fish Guide
  • Quinoa: sourced from Hodmedod’s and British grown
  • Rice: sourced from Paddi Rice (a social enterprise) and carbon neutrally produced
  • Surplus Vegetables: sourced from Angry Monk, helping to cut down on the UK’s food waste
  • Flour: sourced from Wildfarmed, who only work with regenerative farmers

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