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How does our delivered catering work?

Bright and early, our culinary team begins preparing meals from scratch in our central production kitchen in South Bermondsey.

As soon as the meals are prepared to perfection, our fleet of vans swiftly transports the day's lunch to our clients' office canteens. So you know, we've never had a missed delivery.

Our Front of House teams receive our deliveries and serve the food, taking care of everything from set-up to clean-up.

For an in-depth glimpse into our process, grab our detailed infographic that lays out how we work.

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What are the benefits?

Fooditude has been tweaking and refining its delivered catering model since 2005. The results? Food and drinks programmes you can trust.

1. On time, every time.  We control the entire delivery process. We have our own vans and our own drivers, so we're not relying on a 3rd party. The benefit is that we've never been late for lunch. 

2. Freshness guaranteed. Every dish begins with fresh ingredients, ensuring a burst of flavour in every bite. Our commitment to quality extends to our delivery too. With innovative hot and cold storage solutions, we guarantee your meal arrives at your London office as fresh as the moment it was prepared.

3. Tasty choices for all. We have a team of talented development chefs that make sure each menu accommodates every dietary need and allergy. Our daily offerings are as diverse as they are delectable. Thanks to our expansive state-of-the-art kitchen, we're able to present an unparalleled variety of menu options, promising a feast for your senses.

4. Consistency is key. Boasting a team of over 50 chefs in our central production kitchen, and with the guidance of 6 seasoned senior chefs dedicated to maintaining excellence, our food's quality never falters. Complemented by a sophisticated menu management system, consistency in our recipes is a guarantee. That means you always know what to expect.

5. A culture of Health & Safety. We have a dedicated H&S team that makes sure our food is safe. We are also SALSA accredited for food safety and hygeine. If you're our client we can support with risk assessments and will provide you with a 3rd party H&S audit every 6 months.

6. Allergens and labelling. Our menu team ensures allergen label accuracy for diner safety. We offer comprehensive nutritional and allergen information alongside a digital menu that diners can use to filter their choices by allergen. Each dish also comes with a QR-coded paper label listing every ingredient.

7. Sustainability action. We are measuring our carbon emissions with Planet Mark and we are committed to net zero by 2040. This year we reduced our emissions by over 30% per meal. Soon, we'll be offering carbon labelling with all our meals.