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"Our team needs to support our clients in terms of staff satisfaction and their sustainability goals"

Dean Kennett, Managing Director, Fooditude


Mindful eating for planet and community

Progress backed by strategy, actions and commitments

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Our Responsibility

We owe it to our clients, employees, suppliers, local London community and planet to continually improve how we feed people, to support a sustainable future for all. Our collaborations help us to go further: whether it’s working with suppliers to source more responsibly-grown produce or working with schools to offer work experience to students with complex mixed needs.

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Journey to Net Zero

Reducing our carbon emissions to the amount reabsorbed into the atmosphere is a challenge. Cooking meals for thousands of people daily comes with a hefty carbon footprint. Our goal is to reach Net Zero by 2040; with our sustainability accreditation by Planet Mark, which helps measure and track our carbon emissions, we are on the right track.

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Fighting Food Waste

Nothing pains us more than to see good ingredients and delicious food left uneaten. Every pea and carrot thrown away is precious water resources wasted and unnecessary carbon emissions generated. We continue to take action, from how our chefs cook in the kitchen to awareness initiatives for diners and how we work with clients to get the right amount of meals (no more, no less).

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Vegetable food waste

Our strategy

Feeding people well - that’s the point of catering. Isn’t it? But for a caterer to genuinely care for its diners’ wellbeing - it needs to be ambitious about improving sustainability. Every single person is a stakeholder in the planet’s ability to support life.

Fooditude operates in one of the busiest cities in the world, London. But by being in the ‘hustle and bustle’, it’s easy to forget that everything we do impacts nature, climate change and humankind on a local and global scale.

The health of our work, homes, families and friends depends on the actions of businesses just like ours. So, at Fooditude, we need to be making the right calls: from the farms we source ingredients from, the energy that powers our kitchens, what we do to tackle food waste, the links with our local community, and how we influence others to do more - the list goes on.

Nothing we do is left untouched, we’ve created a strategic plan, view here.


Reasons to work with us

We're the movers and shakers

Back in 2005, people said quality office catering couldn't be done; fast forward to today, we're still defying expectations with tasty food you can rely on.

Crystal clear communication

Our operations managers oversee only a handful of clients each and work closely with our on-site catering managers. The result? A proactive and responsive service.

Convenience is key

Cooking from an off-site central production kitchen makes your life easier, from no on-site kitchen issues to effective catering for fluctuating headcounts.

Keeping catering flexible

Because our kitchen is off-site, we remain agile. Reduce the lunch headcount by 100 on Monday? Need an extra 200 meals for breakfast on Thursday? We can do it all.

Transparent pricing

Our accounts team seamlessly manages your catering, snack and drinks bill with one monthly invoice—nothing like simple, straightforward and stress-free accounting.

Sustainability matters

We have accreditations from The Sustainable Restaurant Association and The Planet Mark, which validate our commitment to making the most sustainable meals possible.


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