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"Thank you so much for your continued support and playing such a fantastic role throughout our journey."

Julia Kessler, Co-founder, Nix & Kix

Sensational Snacks

Low sugar, locally produced, high in protein or made with sustainability in mind: we help create a solid line-up of goodies that your team will adore. 

We rotate snacks regularly, incorporating everything from seaweed crisps to oat milk chocolate bars. And, of course, we can also provide our own baked treats and fresh fruit.

One monthly invoice

Sick of dealing with never-ending Amazon and Ocado orders? Fed up with multiple invoices? Our team takes over the whole process, from pantry service to coffee bars. We bring artisanal snacks and barista style coffee to your office: all under one monthly payment. We'll manage the sourcing, stocking, stacking and service tracking. 

Boxes of sweet and savoury snacks

Coffee for coffee lovers

If you're looking for an enviable coffee service on-site, we can do everything from artisanal beans to coffee machines. On top of that, we'll keep the drinks flowing with regular maintenance and restocking. So whether your employees want a flat white with macadamia nut milk or a matcha latte - our variety is enough to make any indie coffee shop blush.

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How we grew a media giants’ food programme from 25 to 300 in 8 months

Our fave (sustainable) snacks


There is a huge range of classic and artisanal snacks we can stock your pantry with. Here are some of our favourites: 

Tony's Chocolonely

Why we love 'em: Tony's is on a mission to eliminate child labor and slavery from the cocoa supply chain.

Urban Fruit

Why we love 'em: Urban fruit are ambitious about reducing food waste, all-recyclable packaging and works closely with local London charity, City Harvest.


Prodigy Chocolate 

Why we love 'em: The UK’s first plastic-negative chocolate bar, with a low carbon footprint to boot!


Here are some of the mindful drink brands we serve our clients: 


Why we love 'em: Dalston is carbon-neutral with a farm-friendly supply chain. They also use cans over plastic bottles. 


Lo Bros

Why we love 'em: Lo Bros is out to tackle the soft drinks industry's worst problems: sugar and single-use plastic bottles.


DASH water

Why we love 'em: They're carbon neutral and use leading regenerative farming techniques to improve soil quality and turn “sequester” carbon in the soil.

Reasons to work with us

We're the movers and shakers

Back in 2005, people said quality office catering couldn't be done; fast forward to today, we're still defying expectations with tasty food you can rely on.

Crystal clear communication

Our operations managers oversee only a handful of clients each and work closely with our on-site catering managers. The result? A proactive and responsive service.

Convenience is key

Cooking from an off-site central production kitchen makes your life easier, from no on-site kitchen issues to effective catering for fluctuating headcounts.

Keeping catering flexible

Because our kitchen is off-site, we remain agile. Reduce the lunch headcount by 100 on Monday? Need an extra 200 meals for breakfast on Thursday? We can do it all.

Transparent pricing

Our accounts team seamlessly manages your catering, snack and drinks bill with one monthly invoice—nothing like simple, straightforward and stress-free accounting.

Sustainability matters

We have accreditations from The Sustainable Restaurant Association and The Planet Mark, which validate our commitment to making the most sustainable meals possible.

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