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"I couldn't recommend Fooditude enough, they are attentive, creative, friendly and flexible and beyond understanding! Such a pleasure to work with, THANK YOU!"

Charlotte Green, Senior Manager EMEA Workplace and Real Estate

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Foodie moments: making time for busy teams to unwind

We've been around the block long enough to know that every company culture is unique and food requirements are always different.

We have perfected our delivered off-site kitchen model because working from one central production kitchen allows us to shape a food programme to your needs.

Want a special breakfast feast, a taco pop-up for lunch, AND catering for a large party in the evening? Whatever you need, we have the scalability to make it happen.

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Easy and adaptable

We don’t tie you down with never-ending contracts. Stay breezy with the knowledge that you can change your catering around quickly, anytime. Despite the loose contracts, offices have chosen to stick with us year-on-year. Why? We let our food speak for itself. Our clever chefs and operations teams know exactly how to keep our menus tasting fresh and varied. 

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Full 360° service

What on earth is a 360° food programme? Depending on your needs, we can provide you with a whole mezze of services. Our expert catering team will work alongside you to create a foodservice offering that’s spot on (and to budget).

Whether it’s ‘just lunch’ or ‘just breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting catering, office parties, coffee and pantry services’ - we can take care of everything you need.

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Your Fooditude collaborators

We'll hire a front-of-house team to match your unique company culture. Working with us is more like collaborating with colleagues than managing a supplier. We're committed to ensuring that your teams love the food programme and that your 'to-do' list is kept to a minimum. With clear communication and a ‘can do’ attitude from us, feeding your office becomes a breeze.

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Italian pasta buffet at client office canteen

How we grew a media giants’ food programme from 25 to 300 in 8 months

Transparent no-nonsense pricing

Our prices start from £15 per head / day for a cold buffet. The ‘per head’ cost includes the little extras, such as delivery cost, health and safety compliance, and a staff member to serve and clear up after lunch.

The menu below gives you an idea of what our standard catering package looks like for a full day, including breakfast, lunch and snacks. A London office with 100 people would be charged £27 / head / day.

Sample menu



Spinach, ricotta, chilli honey & seeded dukkah on sourdough toast

Spinach, ricotta, chilli honey & seeded dukkah on gluten free sourdough toast  V

'Full English' shakshuka tray bake

Accompanied with:

  • Toast bars with a variety of spreads, jams and nut butters*

  • Meat, cheese and smoked salmon platters*

  • Fresh pastries*

  • A selection of yoghurt, including Greek, vanilla and coconut*

  • A selection of cereals and granola*

  • Fresh cut fruits*

*VE and V options available for each offering



French lentil & kale casserole VE
Courgette, pea & soft goat's cheese quiche, young salad & herb citrus oil  V

Chicken w/ tarragon, honey & mustard sauce 

Plaice w/ caper & lemon butter sauce 

All served with:

Crushed new potatoes & garden herbs  VE

Caraway roasted carrots, herb vinaigrette   VE

Steamed broccoli   VE


Green bean, red pepper & herb salad, parsley vinaigrette VE

Mixed leaves & fennel salad, lemon vinaigrette VE



Roasted tomato & basil soup VE



Walnut & coffee cake VE


We offer sensational snacks and killer coffee as your go-to pantry stop. With top-notch snacks and artisanal coffee, we can tailor to all tastes and dietary needs. 

Our Sustainability Manager has researched the best snack and drinks on the market for sustainability, to help you make more mindful choices. 

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Reasons to work with us

We're the movers and shakers

Back in 2005, people said quality office catering couldn't be done; fast forward to today, we're still defying expectations with tasty food you can rely on.

Crystal clear communication

Our operations managers oversee only a handful of clients each and work closely with our on-site catering managers. The result? A proactive and responsive service.

Convenience is key

Cooking from an off-site central production kitchen makes your life easier, from no on-site kitchen issues to effective catering for fluctuating headcounts.

Keeping catering flexible

Because our kitchen is off-site, we remain agile. Reduce the lunch headcount by 100 on Monday? Need an extra 200 meals for breakfast on Thursday? We can do it all.

Transparent pricing

Our accounts team seamlessly manages your catering, snack and drinks bill with one monthly invoice—nothing like simple, straightforward and stress-free accounting.

Sustainability matters

We have accreditations from The Sustainable Restaurant Association and The Planet Mark, which validate our commitment to making the most sustainable meals possible.

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