Delve a little deeper to learn about our mission and meet the workplace catering experts making the foodie magic happen


The fooditude story


How we shook up office catering

Dean Kennett started his career as a chef manager. He learnt the hospitality trade from the ground up, but big ideas to change the contract and event catering industry were brewing. In 2005, Dean finally implemented his vision: establishing Fooditude (then known as Just Hospitality). We were all set to cut through the noise and focus intently on delivering the best customer experience. To some, we were considered catering mavericks. We decided to cook our food *drum roll* …off-site with a central production kitchen. Our flexible delivered catering model disrupted the traditional catering world. Overnight, on-site kitchens became unnecessary for feeding workplaces quality catered meals.


How we operate

Everything begins at our restaurant-style central production kitchen in South Bermondsey. Up to 5,000 meals a day are cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients. Our team then delivers and displays our food at client sites, just in time for service. Once lunch is over, we tidy up and *poof* we’re gone! All client sites have a dedicated Fooditude staff member and the number of staff depends on the level of service you require. We also have operations managers that visit clients regularly to make sure everything is running as smooth as butter.


Why our clients love us

The Fooditude Team is the creme de la creme of the hospitality industry, with a shared commitment to feeding people (a.k.a your teams) happy - just like we say in our tagline. What makes our teams so pro? Their adaptability! Our catering staff are constantly fine-tuning the front-of-house service and our chefs whip up ingenious cooked-from-scratch menus with every season. In short, we bring joy to workplace mealtimes.


How we grew a media giants’ food programme from 25 to 300 in 8 months

What we believe in…

Our vision

To make people happy no matter what the working day brings. Whether it’s a taco building station, artisanal snacks, killer coffee or a hearty breakfast: we create moments of excitement for your teams in the office. 


Our values

1. We love food that makes us feel good
2. We ingrain quality in everything we do
3. We hunt for new ideas
4. We build partnerships based on trust
5. We respect people and planet


Our mission

We bring company culture to life through healthy, delicious and sustainable workplace food. For companies that understand the power of food to energise and reward staff we deliver value and assurance through our flexible and people-focussed approach.


Our leadership team


Dean Kennett

Managing Director

Dean ensures our clients, team, suppliers and friends around the business have everything they need to thrive. It's Dean’s mission to ensure Fooditude is delivering on its promises and achieving its best.


Sam Kennett

Head of Finance and HR

Sam combines her business expertise with her long-standing love of food. Her background in Retail Planning & Distribution makes her a stickler for ensuring efficiency and an eye for detail. With Sam’s central role, a higher standard of business operations are upheld. 


Matt Byne

Director of Food

Matt’s career has predominantly been within the B&I hospitality sector. After moving from Company Executive Chef to Director in 2015, Matt oversees the food department in its entirety, from the menu development to client liaising. His focus has always been on cooking from scratch with fresh, well sourced ingredients.