Moving to
Net Zero

Measure, engage, communicate


How we take action

Fooditude truck outside headquarters

Fooditude's net zero goal

We are members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Planet Mark. Both organisations audit our operations and provide us with accreditations. Planet Mark assesses our scope 1 and 2 emissions and ensures we reduce these by at least 5% each year. Our goal is to become Net Zero by 2040. We see our sustainability duties as an integral part of feeding people well, from reducing carbon emissions to sourcing ingredients more ethically and sustainably.
PlanetMark signs

Planet Mark

We are proud members of Planet Mark; they measure and report on our scope 1, 2 and some of our scope 3 emissions. This year we are starting to measure all our scope 3 emissions. From last year's report, we managed to make a carbon reduction of -30.4% per meal. At the 2023 Planet Mark Awards, we won the Carbon Reduction per employee category.

A box of vegetables in the kitchen

Mindful cooking

We understand that delicious cooking and sustainability are intertwined. This means opting for locally sourced produce to reduce food miles or choosing organic for core ingredients like eggs and milk. Our menu development team is always looking for new ways to reduce the impact of our meals. That could be reducing the meat in our dishes, using surplus produce on our menus or sourcing directly from farmers. You can learn more about our sourcing here

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