Fooditude | World of Work 2023 Part 2
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Fooditude | World of Work 2023 Part 2

On 04 May 2023 by Safena Yvanovich

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Collaborating with BITC Ireland on their ‘World of Work’ project for Trinity Comprehensive students has been a great experience for everybody involved. The project focused on improving post-primary retention rates in schools. By addressing this issue within education, we can create an inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

Last week, the Fooditude team were busy wrapping up shop at Trinity Comprehensive for 2023 as the last of five educational sessions drew to a close…


The Sessions

The fourth ‘Day in the life’ embodied the ‘World of Work’ project. The Fooditude Team showed the students at Trinity Comprehensive the back end of what it takes to run a catering company and how we operate at Fooditude. We also addressed the importance of having soft skills like communication and teamwork and why this is essential to smooth operations in any company. 

Our fifth and final session was an opportunity for a role reversal. Trinity Comprehensive students took the spotlight and presented what they learnt in our sessions.

It was heartwarming to discover that the students had really gotten to grips with what we’d taught them. They’re a clever bunch! 


That’s a wrap!

With our final two sessions, all finished, we’re already looking ahead to the future. So, in 2024, we hope to continue our involvement with BITC and Trinity Comprehensive for more outreach projects. So watch this space! 


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Written by Safena Yvanovich


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