Expert Tips for Celebrating the Coronation Successfully at Your Workplace
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Expert Tips for Celebrating the Coronation Successfully at Your Workplace

On 27 Apr 2023 by James Ricketts

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Soon, London will be celebrating the Coronation of King Charles in style. But you may be left wondering: how on earth am I going to organise celebrations at my workplace?

No fear! We’ve got you covered.

As a contract caterer for some of London’s most exciting workplaces: the Fooditude Team knows a thing or two about how to create a sense of occasion in the office. We decided to share some of our expertise to prepare Coronation celebrations for your workplace.

Our top five tips for office Coronation celebrations:


1. Be mindful that your workplace celebrations are just the beginning

Many employees will have plans for celebrating the Coronation with friends and family: they may want to pace themselves. See your workplace event as the starting line to a whirl of activity – organise accordingly and be cautious of not overdoing workplace celebrations.

Keep in mind: the Coronation can be political. A recent YouGov Poll suggested that 58% of people supported keeping the monarchy (against having an elected head-of-state). So it goes without saying you’ll probably have a range of political outlooks on the British monarchy in your office. 

But navigating these differences can be easy with the right mindset. Keep it simple. Remember, a Coronation workplace event isn’t a political statement: it’s a celebration of a nationally-significant event and a chance to have fun.

Don’t: hold an all-out office party packed with heavy food and drink.
Do: create an event that feels luxurious, high-quality and not overbearing.
Hint: the above is a general rule of thumb. Stick to what your company loves! (But more on that in Point 5).


2. Well-chosen food and drink for a royal occasion

So what food and drink fits with the theme of the Coronation? For many, the royal family inspires a sense of nostalgia. Though it will be the first Coronation for most, many will have fond memories of jubilees and royal weddings with a particular type of British food in mind.

Think of simple foods like afternoon tea sandwiches, scotch eggs, and baking that one would associate with Mary Berry (such as a Victoria sponge). And don’t forget the Royal Quiche, the official dish for King Charles’ Coronation.

If you fancy a more international approach

The British Monarchy is the head of state for fourteen commonwealth realms: each country with its distinctive cuisine. So, if you’re looking for a more internationally inclusive twist: the Coronation is a chance for employees to explore dishes from Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and more.


3. A chance to celebrate the best of British produce

King Charles is no stranger to supporting British food and drink producers (and farmers). So consider offering a selection of British-sourced food and drink at your work event. At Fooditude, some of our Team’s favourite British tastes include:


Fresh british produce used by contract catering chefs
Nothing quite like locally-grown produce!

4. Keep sustainability in mind!

Celebrating this historical milestone should be done with people and the planet in mind. . By taking a few environmental and ethical considerations into account, you’ll be helping to reduce the negative impact of your celebrations.

Consider serving food made from seasonal and local ingredients. Eating according to the seasons reduces the carbon footprint of food production and transportation of fruit and veg sourced from further afield.

In addition, seasonally sourced produce involves more environmentally-friendly farming practices, where fruit and veg grow naturally to the year’s natural cycles. In May, ingredients for quintessentially British summer dishes come into season: asparagus, lamb and New Jersey potatoes for hearty roasts or gooseberries for a tangy British dessert.

Avoid plastic decorations wherever possible. Whilst it may be tempting to order a crate of red, blue and white plastic bunting from Amazon, there are alternative ways to decorate without the need for plastic. For example, use flowers and potted plants to add a touch of colour to your office canteen that employees can take home afterwards. Or, failing that, opt for paper decorations.


Serving coronation cocktails at the office
Bringing the Coronation party to the office


5. Think about what makes your office culture unique in planning

Fooditude has been serving tech companies since 2005; in that time, we’ve learnt that every office culture is different. So, if your teams prefer a low-key event: go for afternoon tea with scones, cakes, and sandwiches. If your office savours more festive occasions: think of ‘Coronation’ themed cocktails (yes, that is a thing) accompanied by a couple of our ‘British platters‘ and free-flowing sparkling wine from our Drinks Selector.


And keep the festivities coming…

When it comes to celebrating the Coronation at your workplace, there are plenty of ways to make it a truly memorable and enjoyable event for everyone involved. We hope these tips offer some direction to add a little fun in the run-up to the big day.

The Coronation isn’t the only event worth celebrating this Summer. Choosing which events are best celebrated within your company depends entirely on your office culture. For example, an American Tech firm with an HQ based in London should consider throwing fabulous parties for the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving for American colleagues. A gaming company might want to consider providing special Star Wars treats on ‘May 4th’ – otherwise known as Star Wars Day.

Whatever floats the boats of your teams, Fooditude can help to create an events schedule that will get the office talking. For more information on how our office events catering can liven up your workplace, check out our event catering page. Together, we can create unforgettable workplace events that will leave a lasting impression.



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