Keep happy, healthy and creative – even whilst you work from home!
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Keep happy, healthy and creative – even whilst you work from home!

On 17 Mar 2020 by Cristina Covello

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Your workplace is ddesigned to keep you happy and energised. The office desk and all the amenities that come with it, the common spaces, the plants and in the case of all our clients, even the lunch canteen. Now you suddenly find yourself working from home every day. What is normally a welcome and flexible work arrangement has become a forced directive for most of us.

While we’re all following the best scientific advice and keeping ourselves and those around us safe, prolonged periods of working from home for social distancing can have real consequences on our physical and mental wellbeing.

We accept that we are no experts on ‘work from home’. But we do know a thing or two about wellbeing. Here are a few tips for you to keep yourself happy and energised while confined to #WFH.

Keep moving

Plan to get out of the house at least once a day – it could be just to walk the dog, a quick run or to grab a pint of milk from the local grocery store. Just remember to keep hand hygiene, wash hands before and after going out and carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you. If you are missing your regular exercise classes, why not try yoga at home? Crack the windows open for some sun salutations – full body workout right there!

Plan your meals well

Just like you would at work, take a proper lunch break. You can get some really healthy, nourishing food without relying on crowded / empty shelved supermarkets. London has plenty of local markets and weekly farmer’s markets all of which are suffering from low footfall at the moment, so try to support them. Those of you who would like to completely avoid going out, delivery services like Farmdrop and Oddbox provide an excellent source for fresh vegetables and other produce. It may even inspire you to eat foods that you wouldn’t normally reach out for. If you’re stuck for recipe inspiration, we’re churning out one easy recipe a day on @WeAreFooditude. 

Beat the cravings

It could be tempting to snack on endlessly while working from home – so strategize effectively. Stock up on healthier snacks – low sugar, high protein is the best. Fresh fruits or homemade snacks like energy balls or spiced roasted nuts would definitely be better alternatives to processed snack bars. Check out this easy energy balls recipe here.




It is so easy to forget to hydrate yourself especially as there is no real reason to head to the proverbial water-cooler. Ensure you have a full water bottle next to you while working and keep things interesting with trying out different flavours of infused waters. If you’d like the best infusion, why not infuse overnight? Some interesting combinations include: lemon, mint, ginger & cucumber!

Stay in touch!

We’re social beings and thrive on interaction with others. In times of social distancing, carve out time in your day to keep in touch with friends and family members. Use the same tech as you do at work and get innovative – Zoom cocktail hours with friends, Skype cook offs with your nan, or FaceTime heart to heart with your bestie!

Revive an old hobby

With time saved on commuting, it’s time to revive hobbies we couldn’t find time for. Who knows, those crochet toys could turn into an Etsy side hustle!

Share your tips to keep yourself healthy while working from home. Tweet your tips to @WeAreFooditude.


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