Healthy snack ideas to boost energy in the workplace
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Healthy snack ideas to boost energy in the workplace

On 08 Feb 2022 by Cristina Covello

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Let’s face it. Our …productivity …tends to …wane, when the office clock strikes 3 PM. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘The Slump’. Forget those glossy LinkedIn posts by entrepreneurs claiming they maintain 100% energy, 110% of the time – we’re only human and prone to tiredness.

Maybe we’re a teensy bit biased as workplace caterers, but we believe that eating and drinking well can give you more consistent energy at work. By all means, snacking and drinking aren’t the only influencing factors. Getting some fresh air, meditation or catching up with colleagues are great energy-boosting tactics. But we’re foodies, so we’ve stuck to what we know best – healthy snacks for work to get you and your teams through those dreaded energy lows.


But isn’t snacking considered an unhealthy habit?


Snacking gets a bad rep. We’ll concede that eating several Krispy Kreme’s will give you an almighty sugar spike and crash. However, snacking done right helps energy levels and a positive mindset throughout your day. 

When we talk about healthy snacking, we mean food that satisfies hunger, boosts nutrition, raises energy and tastes darn delicious. Mindful snacking can be a part of your healthy eating plan – making you feel happier and ready to ace your next task. Now let’s see how this is done.


It’s all about fibre, protein and whole grains


Mid-afternoon comes around. You’re at your desk, tiredness sets in, and you need a pick-me-up. But what do you eat? We recommend you opt for a snack laden with fibre, protein and whole grains. 

  • Fibre
    Research has shown that in the UK, we only get 60% of the fibre we need in our diets. In food terms, consider eating more wholemeal items, nuts and apples to reach the 30g daily recommended amount.
  • Protein
    Protein-based snacks are great because they can help keep cravings at bay. Head for nuts or dried meats such as beef jerky or biltong for your protein fix. Nut butters are also an excellent source of protein for meat-eaters and vegans alike.
  • Whole grains
    Whole grains are packed with nutrients to keep you feeling good. Flapjacks and popcorn both include whole grains (oats and corn) – so they’re great snacks to reach for, whilst also getting your whole grain fix.


Treat yourself in moderation


Some days, you may just feel like a sweet treat. We’re here to tell you – go for it! We’re firm believers in balanced healthy eating with the occasional not-so-healthy treat. Though we’d err on the side of caution about enjoying sugary, fatty and salty snacks on a day-to-day basis. But in short: enjoy one or two chocolate digestives, savour their taste, but don’t devour a whole pack. 

Consider keeping unhealthy snacks away from your desk to avoid overeating. Though easily unnoticed, snack packaging often provides what a single serving (or single portion) really is. Nutritionist Kate Law recommended a canny hack in one of our webinars: serve a portion of crisps in a bowl, away from the packet, to reduce the temptation to reach for more. Now that’s advice to live by.


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What’s good but also packaged?


If you choose snacks for your workplace, there are some great products out there. We’re a big fan of the vegan ethical dark chocolate by Doisy and Dam, made without those pesky e-numbers. Karma Bites are also a unique product that we love, using popped lotus seeds to create a rare snack that’s delicious without using anything artificial. Last but not least, Chia Pudding by Mindfuel are a fabulous healthy option – offering all the nutrients to kick-start your day at work.

If you choose snacks for your workplace, it’s worth exploring snack options that avoid high sugar content and additives. Instead, look for products that use mostly natural ingredients to provide energy. For example, energy balls, such as the ones made by The Protein Ball Co, are a fabulous choice. Made well, energy balls are protein-packed with plant-based ingredients without the added sugar.


But what about the drinks?


Dehydration while working often causes fatigue, so simply drinking more water could be a quick, inexpensive win for boosting productivity without reinventing the rulebook. If you’re a facilities or office manager, consider providing more water points across the office and give each employee a reusable water bottle to improve sustainability.

At our client sites, we go the extra mile to make simple H20 seem that little more tempting. Wanna know our secret? We infuse our water with a selection of fragrant fruits and herbs in elegant dispensers to add a touch of natural flavours. Think orange and rosemary or ginger, pear and cinnamon infused water. Perfecto!

Some of us just can’t get through the workday without cracking open a can of fizzy drink. Unfortunately, many of the big brands out there include all sorts of artificial flavours and lots of sugar. Sound familiar? Don’t panic! There are some great alternatives out there. Make sure to check out the flavoured sparkling water by Ugly or Dash or Kombucha by Lo Bros (it’s a great drink for gut health – if you haven’t already heard).


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It’s a wrap!


If you started this blog as a snack-sceptic, we hope it has shed light on some of the benefits they can bring us in our working days. With a suitable selection of snacks and a pinch of self-control not to overeat, we can use snacking to get through the working day without feeling overwhelmed by tiredness. 

Not only are snacks a great way to keep the energy flowing, but they’re also a great office perk. Delving into the reviews of London offices on Glassdoor (a website where employees review their employers) you’ll quickly notice in the reviews that complimentary snacks works wonders for making employees feel at home in the workplace. So, not only are snacks a great energy booster, but they’re also a sure-fire way to earn the hearts of your team.


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