How the Best Office Catering Companies Boost Employee Satisfaction
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How the Best Office Catering Companies Boost Employee Satisfaction

On 26 Apr 2023 by Safena Yvanovich

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The best office catering companies know a secret. They know their service stretches beyond the flexible supply of healthy, flavoursome food. The truth of the matter is…employees are more satisfied and engaged. This increases your ability to compete for the best talent.

That’s why working with the right specialised office catering company is essential for any ambitious company. Find one of the best office catering companies, and you’ll benefit from a complete 360-degree service. This involves a flexible approach, delicious food, refreshed menus, an end-to-end service that reduces the need for on-site kitchens, and a fully trained front-of-house team.

Here, you’ll learn in detail about the importance of teaming with a full service office catering company that has the ability to scale with your specific business needs.


There are several catering challenges in most workplaces

External catering companies can leave you disappointed in a range of different ways. Unfortunately, most of them are worryingly common. They include:

  • Poor performance that is most often noticed through delivery delays, incorrect orders, or inadequate customer service.
  • Substandard quality of food preparation, presentation, and taste, which quickly spirals into dissatisfied employees and regular complaints.
  • Lack of skills, variety and flexibility that mean you never benefit from changing menus or seasonal produce, while employees’ dietary needs and preferences (such as allergies, veganism, and vegetarianism) are often ignored or overlooked. The resulting limited menu options quickly become another source of complaints.

There are also challenges from a business perspective, including budget constraints that can lead to difficulty in sourcing high-quality catering services. Irregular workplace attendance can be another issue, with hybrid working practices meaning many employees are regularly away from the office unless you have created a workplace your employees actively want to visit.


Why it’s important to find the best office catering companies

In a challenging post-Covid environment, the benefits of working with a full-service office catering company like Fooditude soon become clear. By teaming up with an outstanding supplier, you’ll enjoy a range of advantages across your business. A full-service office catering company can:

  • Scale up and down to suit the number of employees in your offices on any given day, giving you all the flexibility you need to cope with the fluctuating numbers caused by hybrid working patterns.
  • Provide on-site staffing, working with your workplace experience managers to ensure a smooth operation day in, day out.
  • Ensure consistently high-quality, good value food is delivered in a timely manner. 
  • Devise and deliver flexible, varied, and consistently refreshed menus that cater for every employee, whether they have acute dietary needs or bespoke dietary preferences.
  • Help you to achieve your CSR goals by embedding sustainable food production processes into their offerings.
  • Assist you in building an optimal workplace experience that enhances team cohesion, creates special moments at the lunch table, and in turn develops a resilient company culture that will aid employee engagement and productivity.
  • Alleviate the pressures on your internal team by delivering a streamlined and efficient catering management process through a dedicated catering specialist.
  • Remove the costs and expenses of maintaining a fully functional and heavily staffed in-house kitchen.

This list highlights exactly why so many workplace managers are actively turning to the support of a dedicated office catering company for their daily food provision. For those who are enduring poor quality, high costs or low service levels from an existing contract catering partner, the reasons to change become even more compelling.


Office catering services from Fooditude

Fresh and flavoursome office meal options to choose from

All over central London, our clients trust us to deliver food, service, value and flexibility through a range of different catering options. Our business has been devised to provide tech enterprises, large corporations, and energetic start-ups or SMEs with the freedom of choice they crave alongside the guaranteed levels of service they demand.

If you’re interested in working with Fooditude, our daily catering services extend across five key areas. You can choose from:


Office cafes

All the work is done away from your premises at our dedicated south London kitchen. Each day, we’ll deliver either a cold buffet with hot meats, fish, and vegan/vegetarian options. Or, if you’re looking for something more extensive, our dedicated team is on hand to create an all-day menu that excites your employees at breakfast, lunch, snacktime and dinner.


Hot and Cold Buffet: From £15.50 per head per day

All Day (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks): From £25 per head per day

View a sample menu


Lunch boxes

Packaged in compostable containers, these lunch boxes are the ultimate in taste, convenience, and sustainability. There’s no worrying about packaging going into landfill. In fact, if you make a daily order we’ll even give you a special bin for compostables. There are no contract commitments, so you can scale up or down as needed.


Lunch: £9.50

Breakfast and lunch: £14.50

Lunch and treat (or snack pot): £11.50

Breakfast, lunch, and treat (or snack pot): £16.50

View a sample menu


Meeting catering

Create energy and team spirit over a fantastic shared meal as you work through your biggest challenges. Available individually packaged or presented on platters, our meeting food packages are jammed with flavour and freshness. There’s no better way to bring a team together.


Breakfast: From £5.50

Lunch: From £13.75 with a minimum order for delivery of £500

View a sample menu


Pop-ups and parties

Whether it’s a work party or you just want to add some energy into a day at the office, our pop-up catering service is fast, friendly, and tastes fantastic. We’ll turn up, dish up the food, and disappear – without any hassle for you. Poke bowls, tacos, nachos, vegan burgers, gyros, ramen bars… we can do the lot. And plenty more, too.


From £18.50 (minimum order of 40)

View a sample menu


Snacks and coffee

Eliminate the burden of working with multiple vendors by tasking us to supply the drinks, snacks, hi-tech coffee machines, and fresh fruit that will keep your team fueled for the day ahead. Go a step further and we can supply a dedicated barista serving up hot drinks all day long.

This type of service is best served hot and tasty when making use of our bigger lunch catering programme and is charged on consumption.



Putting on a show-stopping menu with one of the biggest streaming services in the world

When a world-renowned streaming giant planned to increase its London workforce significantly, it turned to Fooditude to deliver a workplace food service that kept 300 staff healthy, happy, and creative.

Thanks to our world-class production kitchen and delivery service, we were able to scale from providing lunch for 25 people three days a week up to delivering breakfasts, lunches, pantry supplies, hospitality, and events for 300 people daily – all in just eight months.

Through our careful and collaborative approach, the pioneering streaming company made its food programme more sustainable, enjoyed the benefits of working with just a single supplier, and had the peace of mind that came with knowing Fooditude was providing a complete solution – including legal compliance, allergen management, and more.


Fooditude is one of the best office catering companies in central London


Get started with full-service office catering from Fooditude

Finding a best-in-class office catering service helps to keep your workforce engaged, energetic, and cohesive. With a full service partner, you can scale your requirements as your business grows. You can be confident that all dietary requirements and preferences are being met, and you can enhance your sustainability efforts thanks to food production processes that are intelligently designed to minimise their environmental impact.

If you’re looking for a flexible office catering company in London, find out more about our services here.


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