Thank you, Dark Sugars
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Thank you, Dark Sugars

On 12 Oct 2022 by James Ricketts

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This October, Dark Sugars set up a pop-up chocolate stand at one of our client sites to share their artisanal treats with our clients. This special event was organised to celebrate Black History Month in style (Dark Sugars is a black-owned business based in London).

For those who don’t already know: Dark Sugars provide some of the most delicious chocolate in town. So if you’re in London, stop reading now, grab your coat, run to your nearest branch, and try their chocolates, ice cream and hot chocolates – all of it! Don’t miss out on these rich and sweet flavours.


Dark Chocolate London Events a photo of vegan chocolate


The client’s employees were delighted. Some people had never had Dark Sugars chocolate before *gasp* and, after trying, exclaimed that they would visit their store the following weekend.

The Fooditude Team were equally impressed with Dark Sugars. Isabel Cuffe, our Events Supervisor, commented that John (from their team) was super helpful in planning the event and did everything under the sun to ensure they met all our client’s special requests. In short, there’s no doubt we’ll invite them back again.

All of us at Fooditude would like to say a HUGE thank you to Dark Sugars for getting involved with our client’s Black History Month celebrations. Working alongside London’s number-one stop for artisanal chocolate was an absolute honour.

"Before there was chocolate, there was cocoa. Dark Sugars is the story of one African woman's journey to tell the story of cocoa - from tree to tummy."

Want to know how Dark Sugars came to be?
Check out their website for the whole story.

It's a Wrap!

At Fooditude, we’re proud to be amid London’s thriving foodie scene. So our chefs know where to find the best places to eat and drink. Moreover, London’s thriving food culture inspires our menus, especially for event pop-ups. And it doesn’t stop there; with our extensive network, we can bring exciting food and drink producers alongside our catering for extra excitement.

For example, we’re helping a client to celebrate Black History Month. So as well as the Dark Sugars visit – we’ve filled the whole month of October with our exciting menus, serving cuisine from the Caribbean, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South America. There will also be further and much-anticipated visits from Puff Puff Ministry (African fried doughballs) and other delicious food producers!


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