‘A day in the life’ returns to Fooditude
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‘A day in the life’ returns to Fooditude

On 04 May 2022 by James Ricketts

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We offer all our staff a chance to try working in other parts of the business with an initiative called ‘A day in the life’. This is an opportunity for employees to get a holistic understanding of how our business works.


Pandemic restrictions put a spanner on this for over 2 years, but with our operations fully back in action, it was time to kickstart ‘A day in the life’ again.


First up was James from Marketing, who decided to try his hand at cheffing, here’s how his day went: 


On Friday 29th April, I took part in my first ‘A day in the life’ to experience a working day in Fooditude’s kitchen. The most noticeable difference between working in the kitchen and my job is the early start. The night before, whilst setting my alarm to 4:50 AM, I wondered what on earth I had let myself in for.


A few hours later (and topped up with a healthy dose of caffeine), I found myself dressed in chef whites – ready to work. My day started with chefs Julie and Michael, who were preparing packaged lunches for client sites. My first task was to help complete the finishing touches for the bang-bang tofu with rice noodle salad. Each meal took lots of care and attention to get right, but with Julie’s help, they all looked delicious and ready for service. 


My next stop was at Sous Chef Toby’s station with Chef Jasbir. Chef Toby taught me some seriously useful knife skills to cut veg, using my knuckles to guide the blade well away from my fingers. Chef Toby provided an insight into his impressive career history, which started at his father’s butcher shop to cooking for some of London’s most exciting restaurants. 


Afterwards, I worked alongside Chef Jasbir to cook some soup from scratch. What impressed me was the freshness of the recipe; nothing but fresh veg, seasoning, and spices went inside the cooking pot. We also went through the process of food date labelling; it was reassuring to see the level of detail that went into safely storing and labelling food. 


I admit it, by lunchtime I was knackered. My ‘day in the life’ gave me a whole new appreciation of the quality of the food cooked at Fooditude. I learnt that our cooking from scratch philosophy is way more than a buzzword, but an unwavering dedication to making good food.


Marketing employee James at contract catering company Fooditude, tries being a chef for the day, this photo is him in his chef attire.


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