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I’m sure you know this (but just in case!) Netflix is a subscription based global entertainment streaming service with headquarters in Los Gatos, California. They have offices inAmerica, Europe, Asia and Latin America and a wide ranging customer base worldwide.

Their presence in London has been rapidly changing and ever evolving with a growing headcount and several office moves.

A central part of Netflix’s office life is providing really good food and drink to their staff. When they opened in London, they were on the lookout for a catering partner that was flexible and could keep up with their changing demands and fast growth. In 2018, Netflix chose to work with Fooditude at their London office.


Client challenge

Netflix anticipated growing their London population quickly and needed help getting their food programme in the UK on par with their global offer. Although the team were only 25 strong in July 2018, they were planning to move to new offices to accommodate their growth. They needed a catering team that could feed small numbers at the beginning but grow with them and keep the offer flexible. They also needed help moving the food offer to new offices and input on design and layout of catering spaces. Additionally, Netflix wanted to partner with a company that could help them create a sustainable food offer.


The pandemic and move #2

Throughout the pandemic we worked with Netflix on their return to work strategy and provided individually packaged, Covid-secure meals for those few employees still in the office. During the pandemic Netflix decided to move into their own premises, enabling all their staff to work together under one roof. As with the first move, we contributed to the design and planning of the catering spaces. The current Netflix office opened in April 2022. We manage the entire food and beverage operation, including 7 floors with microkitchens on each floor, daily food provision, all events and hospitality.


When Netflix enquired about what we could do for them, we were super excited. Not only was it Netflix (a brand we’d be proud to work with) but we also knew we could deliver what they were asking for without a doubt - their requirements fit perfectly with our business model. Once hired, we worked in close collaboration with Netflix to plan their growth and their new office space.

After seeing our operations at other similar sites, Netflix opted for hot and cold buffet lunch 3 days/week with a supervisor to help serve and stock the pantry. Within 3 months the offer grew to 5 days/week.

At the same time, our central support team were working with Netflix’s EMEA Workplace Team to plan the move. We took care of all equipment purchasing and leasing for the new site and helped make design decisions for the dining and catering areas. By March 2019 our operation grew, our supervisor was promoted to manager and we were operating across two offices, feeding 150 people daily.

Once the new office had been opened and staff were settled, we expanded our service to include themed events and workshops centred on food, creativity and sustainability.


Offering flexibility and scalability

Our approach to catering with our state of the art central production kitchen and delivery service offered Netflix the flexibility and scalability they needed as they grew and settled into new offices (twice!). We went from serving lunch for 25 people 3 days/week to breakfast, lunch, pantry, hospitality and events for 300 people daily, within a span of just 8 months. Two years on from that and we’re operating from Netflix’s new premises and feeding 400 people daily.

As the contract grew so did Netflix’s staffing requirements. Netflix now have a general manager, an assistant catering manager, a team of 6 catering assistants and a chef and kitchen porters who champion the needs of Netflix’s diners and keep daily operations running smoothly. Events have multiplied in the new office so we also hired an onsite events manager. Our central marketing team helps organise fun activities, like tastings and workshops or creative initiatives to promote health and sustainability. Our Head of Operations worked closely with Netflix’s EMEA workplace team to ensure each office move and the design of new spaces achieved operational efficiency and return on investment.

“Our own focus onsustainability has helped make the Netflix food offer in London more sustainable”


Throughout working together, we have helped Netflix reach their sustainability goals; for example, they have reduced single use plastics in their office by sourcing milk in glass bottles and only stocking drinks that are served in recyclable cans or Tetrapak. Our own focus on sustainability has helped make the Netflix food offer in London more sustainable - for e.g. introducing local, artisanal food brands and ingredients, minimising food waste and using herbs and salad leaves from the vertical farms in the office.


With careful planning and a collaborative approach, we were able to offer up several business gains for Netflix.

  • Our flexibility and breadth of services mean that Netflix could have one contractor from the very beginning of their workplace food journey in London
  • Being on the journey from the start gave Fooditude and Netflix time to get to know each other, build a good working relationship and set common goals
  • We offer a complete solution, from legal compliance, allergen management, health and food safety matters right through to uncomplicated contracts and clear single invoices for all food and beverage services..
  • We helped Netflix make their food program more sustainable

Future and next steps

Going forward, our relationship with Netflix will continue to adapt and evolve to the company’s changing needs. Flexibility is built into our business model. Cooking everything from a central production kitchen means clients don’t need to commit to a regular headcount or give up office space to a kitchen. Office moves don’t need to consider space for fully operating kitchens. Removing this investment makes frequent office moves easier and more affordable from the catering perspective. We look forward to continuing our work with Netflix, developing the offer and making it more sustainable and tastier than ever!

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