Office takeaway services VS. delivered catering
Office catering

Office takeaway services VS. delivered catering

On 23 Sep 2022 by James Ricketts

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Choosing how to feed your teams in the office is tricky, with so many options available. Maybe we’re biased, but we believe delivered catering with meals from a central production kitchen is a choice well worth considering. Not only does it offer you greater flexibility, but it also provides your office canteen with high-quality meals to energise your teams.

Without further ado, here are six reasons why we say DITCH your office takeaway orders and OPT for delivered catering instead:


1. Delivered catering for shared moments

People who order delivered meals from different restaurants are less inclined to share lunch breaks. But when teams share a buffet service, the moment encourages them to sit around a table together. Stronger social bonds are formed when employees eat together, resulting in a more resilient company culture.


2. Less polluting vehicles out on the road

Air pollution is a grave issue in most major cities, especially London. So why choose a foodservice system that requires multiple motorcycle deliveries to your site, when you can choose delivered catering that only requires one van drop-off a day?


3. No more lunch-skipping or lonesome ‘Al Desko’ meals

We feel that office catering will always trump food vouchers. Why? Because a ready-for-service buffet of enticing food, served with proper plates and cutlery, encourages teams not to ‘grab and go’ – but to sit, eat and enjoy.


4. Adding a personal touch to your on-site foodservice

Central London is crammed with options for ordering tasty delivered lunches. However, a big advantage of delivered office catering is that it boosts your unique office culture – from adapting menus to running special events. Not forgetting, our catering managers and supervisors will add a more personal touch to your on-site foodservice.


5. Make life easy for workplace managers

Office caterers can take care of all things food, drink and social – giving facilities managers an easier day. Tending to employees’ special dietary needs? No problem! Stocking snacks and coffee? We can do that too! A seasonal feast? Let’s do it!


6. Last but not least, there’s NO single-use packaging

Feed your teams without filling up the landfills (and oceans) with more needless single-use packaging by choosing our delivered-in buffets that are delivered and served in proper ceramic dishes. Plus, there’s nothing like a properly served meal on a plate with a knife and fork, a.k.a not eating from tin foil wrap or a box.


Interested in delivered catering for your workplace? Let’s talk! We’ll listen to your workplace food challenges and provide our expert advice. Enquire now >


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