How to choose the perfect caterer for your lunch meeting
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How to choose the perfect caterer for your lunch meeting

On 09 Dec 2021 by James Ricketts

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The lunch meeting is perfect for connecting with clients and collaborating with colleagues. It’s a way to spark open conversations around a specific project or defined challenge within the team. Shared meals help create a relaxed environment where people can let their guard down, participate and express what they really think. 

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t start with a word of caution. Employees must get a proper break and a moment’s headspace away from work. So, whilst an occasional lunch meeting works wonders, making them a regular occurrence could be detrimental to workplace wellness.

The quality of the catering can make or break a lunch meeting. A good meal sets a mood for excitement and engagement, whilst underwhelming food makes participants wish they were somewhere else (without the stale sandwiches). 

Avoid the dreaded lunch meeting flop by choosing the best caterer for the job. Here are 3 things to look out for: 


Choosing your caterer

Find the perfect match for the occasion

Not all caterers are born equal. Some do tasty food better than others. But, without teaching fish how to swim, the caterer of your choice should match your own unique company culture. For example, a catering company that specialises in formal silver service events would work well for a traditional law firm, whilst a trailblazing tech company would be better matched to a catering company that takes inspiration from international street food.


Selecting a tasty and energising menu

Food that’ll get people talking

Your choice of menu sets the tone for your team meeting. It’s worth having a conversation with your caterer about what cuisine will enhance your meeting. Searching for new ideas for the next marketing campaign? How about a Persian mezze platter full of flavours to get those creative juices flowing. Maybe it’s a meeting covering sustainability and CSR policy? A menu focused on locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients is just the trick. A good caterer will be able to listen and respond with a menu that will power up your lunch meeting.


Avoiding hiccups

Make sure everything goes smoothly

A top-notch catering company ought to pick up on every little detail to ensure that your lunch meeting goes swimmingly. First of all, they’ll be able to set up, serve up and clear up at the end – to provide a stress-free experience for the meeting organiser.

A good caterer will also be able to come up with smart solutions to fit all of your meetings requirements. For example, ensuring that the serving of the food is suited to the venue size and meeting headcount (no more overcrowding in a small space around the serving table). Here are some other important considerations to assess your caterer by:

– COVID safety precautions
– Dietary requirements and allergies
– Responsible sustainability practices
– Striking the perfect balance between budget and requirements


Photograph of contract caterer: Fooditude's event menu's including fresh salad, wraps and sandwiches.


It's a wrap!

From our own experiences catering for London workplaces at Fooditude, we know we’ve done a good day’s work when our food receives glowing reviews from the meeting attendees, and the organiser on the client-side had a stress-free experience. Of course, there’s no better feeling than when we’ve provided a feast that perfectly matches the occasion for our clients. 


Above all else, our top tip is to choose a caterer that understands your company culture and the purpose of your lunch meeting. It’s all about hitting the right tone with your catering choice, so be mindful when selecting your caterer. The results? A team meeting where the food excites and encourages a flow of participation from an energised team.


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