Creating a culture of celebration at work

Creating a culture of celebration at work

On 02 Nov 2022 by Fooditude

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Making morning trips to the office worth the commute is getting harder than ever in the era of hybrid working. But employee experience has got to be about more than just sitting at a desk.

The occasional foray into empty workplaces, so common now with hybrid working, is not exactly doing much for company culture. After all, this is the time of the Great Resignation, with the highest number of workers choosing to leave their jobs in over 20 years.* Companies need to do more to keep a hold of talent and help teams feel more connected.

Make employees feel appreciated

This is where the importance of company culture and celebration can come into play. Celebrating staff successes is a great way to keep people engaged, strengthen teams, and give employees a chance to bond. No one needs to be told that a bit of recognition can go a long way in boosting morale.

Unfortunately, while productivity is always a top priority, the busier everything becomes, the more likely achievements are to be overlooked – leading to undervalued and burnt-out staff. Happily for you, there are many ways to celebrate with your employees. So no matter who or what you’re recognising, here are three ways you can celebrate success at your company:

  1. Recognise achievements, even if they’re small

While you may not want to organise a huge celebration event every time someone holds open a door, praising helpfulness is always a good idea. Again, it all comes down to creating a positive workplace culture. While these acts might not be critical for performance, taking the time to show appreciation builds sentiment and happiness among workers.

  1. Appreciate dependability

Is there someone in your team that always knows everything? The oracle that can help you find that report from two years ago or understands what every acronym means. Reliability rarely calls attention to itself, which is why dependable team members can often get overlooked. Their job done well makes everyone’s life easier, which is why it’s time to recognise what they bring to the team.

  1. Show your admiration for the whole team

Saying thank you is one of the easiest ways to foster a positive working environment, and celebrations are a fun way to get your team to unwind. Ask for ideas when planning a fun celebration to ensure the party fits the occasion (i.e. it involves something employees are actually interested in).  

So, what are the next steps for celebrating success with your team? Lucky you, we’ve listed the top ways to celebrate success at work.


Easy come, easy go. Pop-ups are a perfect way to offer delicious food on-site in a hurry, making them especially great as a last-minute celebration tactic. Quickly adapted to suit any need, they can spice up lunchtimes with any and all international cuisines. The point is that as soon as they go up, they can disappear again at the drop of a hat, tidied away as if they were never there.

Interactive events

We’re talking cocktail classes, sustainable cooking workshops, or mini markets with local artisanal produce. People love to get involved and hands-on, plus it’s a great way to help employees bond.

Themed breakfasts:

Why not switch things and celebrate with a themed breakfast to give employees a taste of mornings from around the world or even fit a particular theme? Perhaps you want to promote healthy, environmentally friendly eating with a vegetarian breakfast or have an event with no alcohol. If you’re looking to reward your team, a themed breakfast is a great way to do it.

Or… a full on party

This needs to be for something big, a goal the whole team has been aiming towards or a grand festivity such as Christmas. The advent of hybrid working has meant fewer days in the office, which means less opportunity to build a company culture that employees can feel proud to be a part of. Big celebrations are an excellent way to get everyone excited with an event everyone can look forward to on the calendar.

Work events can have lots of other benefits too!

Work events are not only great for company culture, but they have many other plus sides too. With many working from home in the era of hybrid working, giving people a reason to come into the office and meet up is the perfect opportunity for employees who don’t usually interact to encounter one another. You never know; connecting the right two people might just spark some innovative new ideas.

A sense of occasion can do great things for motivating your team. Offering the occasional special lunch or breakfast can really help keep your company culture alive and kicking while lessening the negative effects of not working face-to-face.

Creating meaningful company culture 

The fight for talent in today’s work climate is getting hotter by the second, which makes company culture more important than ever. Work isn’t just about reaching the height of productivity; it has to inspire and keep employees engaged.

Socialising and celebrating need to be recognised as a key benefit that fosters happy workers and simply just makes everything more fun. So next time that big target has been reached or the team has achieved its yearly KPIs, think about some of the events listed above as a great way to get the ball rolling.

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