Making an impact: cooking with surplus veg
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Making an impact: cooking with surplus veg

On 18 Aug 2022 by James Ricketts

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At Fooditude, the idea of wasting perfectly fresh ingredients fills our team with horror. Yet so much delicious produce is discarded nationwide due to sudden changes in the supply chain and consumer demand. 

We use a company called Angry Monk to source high-quality surplus produce from London’s wholesale produce markets. Our chefs then incorporate these ingredients into our catering menus. It’s a simple yet effective way to make a difference for people and the planet. 

Recently we received our impact report from Angry Monk for July 2022, containing some top-notch insights into the environmental impact of cooking with surplus vegetables. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised with the results, which we’re delighted to share with you.


The highlights from the July 2022 Impact Report:


Graphic illustration to show the surplus vegetables we use in our cooking is the same weight as a walrus.
We used 1,080 KG of surplus vegetables in our cooking. That’s roughly the same weight as a walrus!  


Graphic showing the water we've saved by using surplus veg is equivalent to 1,150 bathtubs.
The surplus vegetables we used needed 347,599 litres of water to grow; that’s enough water to fill 1,150 bathtubs. All that water use would have been wasted if the food was left uneaten.


Graphic showing that the surplus veg we used is sourced within 10 miles of our kitchen
All our surplus vegetables were sourced within 10 miles of our kitchen, helping us to reduce our food miles ( Info from May report).


Graphic showing the carbon emissions we've saved by using surplus veg.
We saved 1,322 KG of CO2e emissions by opting for surplus vegetables rather than buying from a standard food retailer.


It's a wrap!

Incorporating surplus produce into our menus is only part of what we’re doing to offer a more sustainable way of catering. Learn more about our actions to benefit people and the planet.


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